Hi, my name is Irin Prechanvinit I was born in 1993 in Bangkok, Thailand.
I’m a contemporary classical guitarist and composer.

I have been interested in music since I was very young but before I knew that I want to be a guitarist
I dreamed to be a singer
so when I was about 6 years old I had asked my mom to taking me to singing lessons.

Five years later, I started being interested in another new thing. It was something which is already be a part of my life since I was born
‘The guitar’
My dad use to play the electric guitar all the time at our home.

Then my dad told me to start my beginning lesson with the classical guitar, he said it was good for the beginner.
Truly, at that time I did not like it at all, I want to be a rock star like my dad, so I decided to quit my classical guitar lesson and taking the electric guitar lesson instead.

At my age 14, I was back to be interested in classical guitar and this time I fall in love with it then I decide to continue my music study seriously at the College of Music Mahidol University where I graduated the high school of music.

At that time, I have a chance to perform for many concerts in Thailand and also I have started participating in many guitar festivals first in Thailand and then Asia and Europe.

I have an opportunity to do the masterclass with many important guitarist like David Russell, Marcin Dylla, Roman Viazovskiy, Denis Azabagic, Hugo Geller, Tomonori Arai, Judicael Perroy and more…

After finished the Pre-college at Mahidol, I decided to continue my study at the Royal Conservatoire at The Hague, The Nether land where I study guitar with Enno Voorhorst and also taking Private lesson with Johannes Moller , Izhar Elias and also taking interpretation lesson with the pianist Frank van de Laar

During my study in the Netherland I have started composing music for classical guitar and have had some composition lesson with Johannes Moller.

Playing my own composition feel great
so I keep composing more and more…

I also find myself that I love contemporary music.

What I do now is keep studying, playing concert in both Thailand and Europe, composing, teaching, arranging music for classical guitar and Thai instrument and…
Do everything fun and everything I like to do

Well , That is my story 🙂